Energetic Forecast for 2016

The year of 2015 was a wild ride of extreme highs and lows for many people, including myself.  The energy of the past year was supporting an even deeper awakening within by helping you to release negative patterns of fear, worry, drama, chaos, blame, judgement and a non-nurturing fast paced lifestyle.  This showed up for many as health concerns, changes in relationships, changes in jobs, the transition to non-physical of friends and family members and a roller coaster of emotions.  For many of you; you held on through this wild ride and hopefully understood the messages and were open to learning and moving forward into the expansion of your authentic being.  What this means is that, you are no longer able to operate or live a meaningful life with these things weighing you down.  It no longer feels good to be a part of a drama or to have drama in your life.  It no longer feels good to be around energy that is not positive or loving.  It no longer feels good to do something that you really don’t want to do.  Although this can be challenging to let go of, it feels really good when you do and you move in a direction that feels better to you.

We are all in different places energetically and some of you or some people around you may still be moving through this transition phase that can bring those extreme highs and lows.  Some of you may be ready to move past this and into the more gentle energy of 2016.  Wherever you are, it is absolutely perfect.  There are no rules saying where you must be or what you must be doing.  If you are energetically aware, you will enjoy tuning into the energy that surrounds you and you will find that it supports exactly what you need at that time.

The year of 2016 is “9” year in numerology.  This is a year of completion, harmony and things falling into place.  This is a year of true inner alignment.  This is a year that you take all that you have learned over the past years and bring them all together as you are the creator of your own destiny.  Take some time to see where you have come from, all that you have learned and all the ways you have changed.    This is the year that you will harvest the fruit from everything that you have already planted.  So dreams that you have nurtured, intentions that you have had, now is the time to reap your rewards!   You are an incredible being and you are so full of wisdom and it is so important that you take time to tune into that wisdom and allow it to bubble forth.  Listen to the wisdom that you have within, for it is immense and it knows that now is your time.

This is the year for all of your incredible talents to come together and to support you as you move into what you truly desire and live the life you deserve, that is powerful and meaningful to you.  You are the one with the magic wand, the ruby slippers, it has been you all along.  Rather than waiting for the so called “perfect moment” or waiting for something to happen, some miracle to occur, shift your perspective to see that you are the miracle.  You have always been a miracle and you will always be a miracle.  As you embrace the truth of this message, you will begin to see more miracles.  You will begin to feel more harmony and experience serendipities in your life.  You will see things that you have been working on just simply fall into place.  The energy is here to support this happening for you, it is just a matter of letting it in.

I love daily intentions through mantras or inspirational words.  These are a couple of the messages, poems and quotes that I lean on each and every day.

God, please show me the truth about myself, no matter how beautiful it may be.” – Unknown, but brought forward from Robert Holden.

“You are not just a drop in the ocean, but you are the entire ocean in a drop.” – Rumi

My son’s girlfriend, Bailey, who is such an accomplished artist, did this quote for me on a permanent chalkboard for my birthday and it hangs in my office to inspire me daily, I love it!

I am willing to change.”  Always, it is so important to remind yourself of this.  It is not survival of the fittest, it is survival by transformation.  It is the same for expansion.  If you are wanting to expand, grow, and move forward on the pathway of your highest potential, change will always be a part of that.

“Believe.”  Just that one powerful word and it is everything to me.  Believe in yourself, believe that there is so much more than you can see or comprehend.  Believe that we are all one.  Believe that you were sent here to bring forward your spectacular gifts.  Believe that you are never alone.  Believe that you can make anything happen.  I could go on and on, just BELIEVE!

“All is well.” – Louise L Hay.  I don’t think a day goes by without thinking about Louise Hay’s inspirational words, but I always come back to this one simple phrase, all is well.  And so it is.  The more I say it, the more peaceful I become.

For this coming year, I want to share with you the message and words that were gifted to me when I asked, what mantra I could create for myself to support well-being, growth, expansion and joy.

“Thank you for helping me to embrace change with ease and grace.  Thank you for helping me to see and experience the miracles that abound in my life.  Thank you for helping me to feel the unconditional light and love that surrounds me.  Thank you for helping me to be of service and to live a life full of love, meaning and joy.”  

I say these things knowing that I take responsibility on my end for keeping myself in this energy.  It is so important that I participate, not just say the words and wait for a miracle.  It is my job to say the words, believe the words and live the words.  Within this energy, you will find a much gentler and harmonious 2016, no matter what is going on around you.

I am sincerely wishing you a joyous and Happy New Year!  May your year be full of love, laughter, playfulness, miracles, abundance, peace and harmony.

All my love, Michelle



The Freedom of Simplicity

I absolutely love vacation time! Whenever we are in vacation mode, I feel this is actually how we are meant to live, rather than the hustle and bustle of everyday life, that is reality for so many people. This year, we started our summer off with a bang by heading with a large group of friends and our kids to the Mayan Riviera in Mexico.

I love visiting different places, experiencing the different cultures and meeting new people, we truly had such a fantastic time. As always, I am tuned in to the energy around me and very mindful of the incredible and amazing experience of being in such a beautiful place. Especially for me, the experience of being by the ocean.

The one message that I kept getting over and over was “simplify”. I would hear the words in the sound of the ocean. I would see the messages and the words in the book I read, in the literature that came across my path and the activities that we chose to do. Iguanas are a message from Spirit to simplify and although it is hard to take a step there without seeing one or even stepping on one, it is the connection to my own stream of thoughts and the correlation to seeing them that got my attention. By the end of the week, I said to my angels, “I get it, hear you, thank you.”

Years ago, I made the transition and moved from a full time job, employed with a very busy company to being self employed, and truly following my heart. In many ways, I have naturally simplified my life and many things have become easier. On the other hand, new challenges are brought forward as I flow through my path. Now is a message for me to simplify even more.

I feel that this is something that will be unfolding for me in the coming months, but these are some of the ways that we can all simplify our lives, for more peace, joy, connection and meaning.

What are the things that you have been putting off? What are the things that you would rather not be doing? It isn’t that we can all walk away from our responsibilities, but this is a perfect time to ask, are there things that I do right now that are not helping me to thrive. Being able to delegate, pass things to someone else, or just let go of them completely is such a freeing choice. You are not meant to do everything on your own and by yourself. Saying that you need support with something is hardly a sign of weakness; rather it is a sign of strength. You are giving somebody else the ability to shine where they need to shine and then you are leaving more time and space for the things that you really love and the things that truly make you thrive.

What things are weighing down your day to day existence? Do you have that closet that needs cleaning out? I sure do! If fact, while I was away, a shelf in my closet broke and all of the items on it, tumbled to the floor. I opened the closet when I got home and laughed at the sincere clarification. Thank you Spirit for driving home the message, I got it, I am cleaning it out!

In what ways can you be more authentic? In what ways can you honor what is truly important to you? During this past year, I have read so many Spiritual books that I have put aside my love of reading novels. Both are great, but on this vacation I took absolutely no work, did not answer any email, text messages, no Facebook messages or blogs, I let it all go. I read a novel, which I loved. My hair went frizzy in the humidity and I couldn’t do a darn thing with it, so I let that go too. Makeup would sweat off in minutes, so I let that go too. Such freedom! There is so much more time in the day when all of that is taken out of your agenda!

So, as I come back to my life and my joyous work, I will be doing a few things differently. I will be connecting, but in different ways and in ways that honor where I am and how much time I have and how I want to spend it. I have already put in motion some changes in my business that you will see in the coming months that will allow me more time with my clients, doing workshops and speaking engagements and less time in administration.

I am now working on our group Mexico retreat in February of 2015 that I will unveil this August. I have never felt so excited or more on purpose as I do when I am doing this work. There is such an amazing world all around us, given to us as a gift to experience and enjoy. Our connection to Spirit, to the Universe is miraculous and such an amazing energy to partner with as we all move towards our highest potential, trusting the unfolding of our Divine path and purpose.

I have so much more to share, like the medium experiences of connecting perfect strangers to their deceased loved ones in the pool at our resort, climbing the Coba Mayan Ruins and meeting a Medicine man in the middle of the Mayan jungle and repelling into a sacred cenote. I will save that for the next article!

Until next time, from my heart to yours, may your day be simply filled with light, love, joy, connection and meaning in great abundance.

All my love, Michelle Continue reading

Chaos, Zen and One Big “Aha” Moment

Have you ever had a moment when you come to the realization that you have been burning the candle at both ends, that you are overwhelmed?   You may have been moving through your life and things begin to pick up speed and before you know it, the pace begins to move faster and faster.    You keep up; you have goals and projects you are working on, responsibilities to maintain, a family to look after.   You are juggling so many balls at the same time.  You become aware of the fact that you are working more than you are playing, going to bed later, getting up earlier and beginning to feel tired through the day.  At some point, you have to clean one too many dishes, make more decisions than you can comprehend, and finally you say “enough!”, “time out!” 

Has this ever happened to you?   Well, I had one of those days last Friday. Somewhere in the afternoon, I realized that I was working double time to look after everyone else, get my own work done, grocery shop,  pick up parts for my teenage son’s vehicle, wash and put away vegetables, make dinner, do the dishes, answer emails, enquiries, questions, planning and organizing a workshop, the list seems never ending.  So I hit the “time out!” button.  I cried a few tears, got a hug from my husband, who sat me down, covered me with a blanket and said, “Get off your feet, no more working today.”

For years I have started my day in stillness, meditation, mindfulness and gratitude.  Here is what I have learned this week.  My daily spiritual practice has to contain some serious self care.  When I am lacking taking the time for self care, all the spiritual connection in the world can only take you so far.  Taking time to do things you love, to nurture yourself, to get outside, take a nap or read a book is so incredibly important.  I need time to refuel; we all do.

This weekend was all about self care. I have enjoyed hiking with my dogs, a blissful yoga class, naps, chai tea, a book and getting together with friends to laugh and giggle and encourage each other.  As I sit on the couch with my laptop, a dog on each side, I feel totally blissful and blessed as this weekend comes to a close.  I am really grateful for such a great weekend and more importantly for the awareness to make an energy shift to create a much healthier experience; to release tension and stress and to connect to the flow of well being.

I truly love what I do.  I am so passionate about it, that I have a hard time walking away or “shutting down”.  It is in my nature to nurture others, so much so, that sometimes I forget to speak up or take time out to nurture myself and I know that I am not alone, that so many of us are like this.  If you are tuned into the feelings of others, the energy that is around you, you are a highly sensitive being.  Sensitive people truly need serious self care and time out to recharge their batteries.  We all get overwhelmed at times or extra busy and sometimes we forget about taking time out for self care.  If you can relate to this on any level, I hope that this story will help you to hit the “time out” button and take some time for self care this week.

Wishing you gentleness, compassion and infinite love, Michelle

Here are my sweet girls and hiking buddies, Shelby and Layla




Coping With Loss

This week I learned about the sudden passing of someone who I graduated high school with.  Her name was Kelly.  She had the most beautiful energy, radiant smile and zest for life that you could possibly imagine.  I graduated from a very large class of close to 600 students.  Although I knew Kelly, we didn’t ever know each other really well or move in the same circle of friends, but I always remember her smiling, laughing and with a radiant enthusiasm for life and fun.  She was always kind, caring and generous and well liked all through school.  Even though, I didn’t know her well or keep in touch over the years, I feel so incredibly sad that she is gone and that those close to her will miss the sound of her voice, laughter and the beautiful energy that she shared with everyone she met.

 Kelly has two young sons and a huge circle of family and friends who loved her dearly.  From what I understand, she was incredibly involved in her community and it is incredibly apparent, that the loss of her physical presence has left a huge hole in the heart of that community.

 With my clients, I deal with loss and messages from the other side every day.  There are all kinds of spiritual messages and answers from those on the other side that are incredible, comforting and can bring closure, understanding and a connection that never ends.  Every now and then, a story comes forward that really makes me wonder, question and ask “why?”  This is definitely one of those times.

 Even though I can hear and understand the angelic answers and they absolutely bring me comfort, I also have a human side.  My human side says, “This is so wrong!”  Young children should not have to go through the pain of losing their mother.  Mothers and fathers should not have to say goodbye to their children.  I feel so tremendously sad that people are in pain, that hearts are broken, that families are grieving and that a once beautiful light is no longer shining for us to see.

 How do we deal with the loss of physical human life?  How are we supposed to go on, move forward when we truly feel heartbroken?  Why do some people live incredibly long lives and others not live long enough to see their sons grow into men and have lives and families of their own? 

 I would never claim to have all the answers to these questions nor do I feel for a moment that I have it all figured out.  I am always learning new things from the messages I receive and the people that I work with, so here is what I know to be true in this moment…

 A soul is eternal.  Whether in physical form or non-physical form, the soul and its essence always remain the same.  That means that Kelly is still Kelly, just now in non-physical form.  When we transition to non-physical form, we do not go somewhere far away, instead we return to be a part of the beautiful unconditional light and love that surrounds each and every one of us at all times.  We still love our families and friends; we still celebrate, laugh and love deeply.  From the souls that I have had the honor to work with, there is such a feeling of the most incredible Divine light and love, that one day, we will all experience.

 Our deceased loved ones stay with us, watch over us, communicate with us and guide us.  They want us to live our lives fully, to follow our dreams, laugh, have fun, create, explore, celebrate and connect with one another.  They are at peace and they want us to be at peace too.

 Even with all that said and understood, will people still be sad?  Will we still miss people who are not physically with us?  Absolutely!  Of course we feel sad and it is so important to honor our feelings and be honest about how we feel about life every day.  Allow yourself the space, time and your own process of grieving with gentleness and compassion.  Then honor the feelings and wishes of your loved one.  They want you to live.  They want you to laugh.  They want you to enjoy as fully as you can, each of the moments you have here in physical form, until you too will return home.  Whenever I bring in the energy of a loved one, they share experiences and milestones that they have been a part of.  They are with you, celebrating and cheering you on.  Even though we may miss them, the fact that they are still with us is such a wonderful thing.

 Thank you Kelly for blessing our world with your presence and light.  I am grateful to have known you and even though you are no longer in physical form, I know your light and love will continue to shine in the most miraculous ways.  The world is a better place for having you in it.

 All my love, Michelle



Honoring Your Soul As We Welcome the New Year

River covered in snow

Heavy frost

As we see 2013 come to a close and we welcome the new year of 2014, it is natural and almost seems to be a cultural phenomenon to look back at the previous year and think about what we would like to see, create and experience for the coming year.  I live in a climate that experiences the four seasons fully and right now we are covered in a beautiful blanket of snow, with lots more in the forecast! 

Winter is a time where at least on this part of the earth, nature takes a rest.  I love this experience of the earth being covered in a quiet blanket of snow.  Instead of seeing an outward physical manifestation of sprouting green life, the earth takes time to go deep within, to replenish and heal, gather strength, energy in preparation for rebirth, renewal and the growth of new possibilities.

We can take so many cues from the example of the earth and use it as such an amazing way to support our soul and the flow of our natural rhythm.  Honoring our instinctual and natural rhythm is something that I am coming to appreciate more and more as I know and understand that I am a highly sensitive being.  I have undergone some really big changes and understandings this year that have each been such a blessing, even if they didn’t seem that way in the moment!  With each day, I live more deeply in my truth, authenticity and more deeply connected to All.  I honor my emotions, the changes and feelings that I have and experience and I believe that as an extension of my Source energy that I always have the support, strength and knowing to live to my highest potential, it is a part of my Divine nature and the Divine nature within each and every one of us.

This is a time of great change within humanity.  These are the years of the heart.  Our soul which is the truth of who we are, which is complete and total unconditional love; is calling out to us right now.  The Universe is calling to our hearts to open more fully.  It may mean great big changes in the lives of some, or subtle changes in the lives of others.  Many people are moving in the direction of their hearts desire if they have not already, making changes in relationships, career and friendships.

Each of us are so incredibly important.  Our being here at this time is no mistake.  The calling of our Divine purpose is like a beating drum and the call within us is growing louder and stronger and some of you are feeling this as a slightly more urgent level than you ever have before.  Right now, there is a huge invitation to listen to the song and call of your heart.  Your heart can bring forward the deep desires and messages of your soul and your incredibly potential.

More than anything, during this energetic phase, there is a huge calling for extreme self care and nurturing.  Being so incredibly kind to ourselves is one of the most important gift we could ever give ourselves.  As we are kind to ourselves, we can learn to be even kinder to one another.  During this time in humanity, we really do have a huge responsibility to understand and live by the knowledge, that we are all connected, we are all one; we are on the same team.  Your success is my success.

As you look back at your year, may you do so with gentleness and compassion.  Be loving and kind to yourself.  Congratulate yourself for your successes, for what you loved.  Find the gifts within the learning experiences.  Love and nurture your wishes and desires for the coming year, but the most important thing that you can do to bring what you want to fruition, to be more kind, loving and compassionate not only to yourself but to all those around you is to be present with wherever you are.  When you are present, you are truly connected to your Divinity, your soul, the truth of who you are and what could be more beautiful than that?

Use this time during winter, to go within, to be a little quieter, to listen to your heart, to replenish, gain strength and energy for the coming year.  Your natural rhythm will tell you when it is time to open up, to blossom and spread your wings.  Be present with yourself.  Ask your heart what is has to say, what it wants, what is true?  It is within this stillness that your Spirit speaks and Spirit speaks to you.

 It is my wish that you have a fantastic and beautiful New Year; that your 2014 is overflowing with love, joy, peace, laughter and abundance in every area of your life.  And so it is.

All my love, Michelle

The Unmistakable Truth About Trusting Your Intuition

We are all incredibly intuitive beings.  It is our birth right; it is our natural way of being.  Have you ever had those moments when something happens and you say, “ha, I knew that was going to happen!” or have you ever thought about someone and you see them that day, or the phone rings and it is that same person on the other end?  Have you ever walked into a new place and felt really excited to be there, or maybe just the opposite and you can’t wait to leave?  Have you ever felt like something was “off” only to later discover that there was an earthquake, or perhaps your child came home sick from school? 

There are thousands of examples, each of them intuitive moments.  We all have these moments and we can be open to experiencing many more of them to the point where our intuition is an integral part of assisting you through your world in the most amazing and positive way.

Think of your intuition as a gauge or a compass or perhaps a dashboard.  When everything “feels” good, there is a flow, an excitement, a feeling of inner peace or contentment.  You want to keep flowing in that direction because it feels good.  When something is off, you feel it.  You may not know exactly what it is, but something doesn’t feel right.  You may be excited or wanting something so much and so moving in the direction towards it, yet, there is something speaking to you, telling you that something is not quite right.

One of the hardest parts of intuition is learning to trust the messages or feelings that you have.  What you sense may not be the cultural norm or the expectation that you have or feel others have for you.  For example: I have a lovely client named “Amy”.  Amy was working in a job that gave her consistency and security, yet she felt that something was “off”, but couldn’t put her finger on exactly what it was.  She couldn’t say that something was really wrong, but she definitely knew something wasn’t right.  Knowing that she was deepening her intuitive practice, I asked her to close her eyes and ask her heart what she should do.  She said that it was time to get her resume together.  This was not the answer that she wanted to hear, she didn’t want the trouble of looking for a new job, going to interviews, etc.  After discussion, she decided that she would do just one step at a time and she got to work updating and spiffing up her resume.  About a week later, a job posting came directly to her attention, even though she wasn’t looking for it.  She loved the posting so much, she decided to apply.  She was immediately called for an interview and was offered the job.  Amy loves her new job so much and has never been happier and is meeting new people and working in an incredibly positive environment.  About a week after she left her previous job, they announced a department shuffle and she would have been moved to a different city if she wanted to keep her job.  Even though at first, Amy did not want to trust her intuition, it led her in the most amazing and positive direction!

Learning to trust, believe, listen to and follow your feelings and the messages that they convey to you is so incredibly important.  Sometimes it may not be what you want to hear, sometimes you may feel impatient and want something to come or happen fast.  Slow down and tune into your body.  Your feelings are a direct message from your intuition.  If something “feels” off, it probably is.  Remember that Spirit is subtle most of the time.  When people are learning to trust their intuition, they often wait for or expect a thunder and lightning kind of experience.  Spirit is gentle and loving and your intuition is the same.  In order to hear the whispers of your soul, you need to take a step back, slow down, and get quiet.  What is your body saying to you?  What do you feel?  Where do you feel it?  How does it feel?  What does your heart really have to say about this situation?  When you ask and listen to your heart, it will never lead you wrong, even if the first step doesn’t make sense.

Let your intuition be a part of your dashboard.  Check in with your feelings often.  As you begin to honor and trust your feelings, intuition will become a more normal or natural way of being.  I wish you great love and joy on your journey.

All my love, Michelle

Shifting Energy and the Call of Your Life Purpose

As we move through 2013, there is a growing and intensifying energy that is supporting the release of negativity and the shedding of old habits and fears as you are encouraged and supported to move towards your true life purpose. You may have the feeling that you should be doing something different, a growing restlessness inside or a feeling of wanting to make a change but you are not sure how to do it or what to do.

This energy is only going to intensify on the planet as energetically there is a real and growing need to change and evolve, not only with you personally, but with the entire planet. It can feel really overwhelming to want something new, to make a change in your life or to support planetary shifts towards peace, love and abundance for all, so where do we start? By taking one step at a time.

First of all, know that your dreams are a huge part of your purpose! You have come here to have fun, to experience joy, to love what you do and to share that love and passion with others as they find what they love to do. When you are following your dreams, whether it is to take a vacation, to try an experience or go to a particular restaurant, you will find yourself in a state of bliss. When you are in that state of bliss, doors open, new experiences become available, you meet new people and new opportunities and ideas arise. You find inspiration, purpose and meaning!


One of the things that I am seeing in my practice right now is such a huge desire to make changes that come into line with a true life purpose. Even more exciting there is such a willingness to take steps towards that calling. For example, you may have a dream to be a healing practitioner, so why just dream about it? Perhaps you need to learn more about it, or perhaps you have all of the qualifications you need, but you have not allowed yourself to begin working people. Rather than be overwhelmed and wondering how you will support yourself, why not just begin? Start with supporting a friend or a family member. When you want something new, changing everything immediately may not be the answer for you, but you can make adaptations that allow you to take steps in the direction of your dreams.

My Aunt Edie has always been such a huge inspiration in my life and recently lived one of her dreams, to walk across the UK. To do this, she didn’t just jump on a plane with a pair of hiking shoes and a backpack; she took steps (literally millions!) to make it happen. It took research, planning and training, which she did with complete joy, really looking forward to the journey and experience she was nurturing. Now that she has lived this dream, you can feel the expansion and excitement as new ones pour forth! How incredible!

We all have the ability to apply this process to our lives. Take steps towards you dreams! The Universe is REALLY supporting your life purpose and dreams right now with incredible manifestation energy that will only continue to intensify for those who are tapped in. One of my favorite quotes is from Deepak Chopra, “what you seek, you already are.” I use that energy every single day, I embody my dreams with every fibre of my being. “I am one with Source. All of my needs, desires and goals are met instantaneously by infinite and Divine Source energy!” This really helps to release any fears or doubts my ego may have and keep me focused on the unfolding of the miracles that happen all around me.

A journey may seem like a thousand miles away when you first look at but it will never get closer unless you take that first step. You came here, to be right where you are at this moment with a purpose to fulfill and if you have a deepening wishes, desires and dreams, your life purpose is calling to you! Move in the direction of what you desire by being that which you desire right now, even in a small way. My wish for you is that you release any fear and doubt and nurture your beautiful dream!

All my love, Michelle


As a Spiritual Consultant, Intuitive, Medium,Reiki Master Teacher, Shamanic Practitioner writer and speaker with over 15 years of experience, Michelle is passionate about the incredible beauty and potential within each of us.   Michelle is a lifelong Clairvoyant and Intuitive and whether through an intuitive reading, energetic healing session, workshop or event, Michelle will support you to be in the flow of your incredible potential immediately you will truly feel empowered as you connect to your higher self,the Divine, your intuition and most importantly the beautiful light within.  To learn more, visit http://www.thebalancedsoul.com or http://www.facebook.com/balancedsoul
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